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Emergency Roof Repair In Birmingham

Your roof is the only thing standing between you and the elements. If there’s severe weather in your area, protect your property by repairing your roof as soon as the damage appears – It is vital to protecting your property.

Are you running around with buckets inside trying to contain a leaky roof? Worried about dangling tiles after gale-force winds? Professional roofers are standing by ready to handle your emergency roofing repairs.

At JME Roofing we offer 24/7 emergency services with no callout fee.

Are you having problems with a leaky roof? What should you do when the leak in your roof is abrupt? What if it occurs in the middle of the night? You cannot plan for a speedy wind ripping off your roof, can you? How can you tell when your roof needs emergency repair? Emergency roof repair experts in Birmingham recommend you look out for one or a combination of the following:

Missing Tiles

Winds blowing at a very high speed can rip off the tiles on your roof. That should be an issue of concern if your roof has been in existence for a number of years. That’s why JME emergency roof repair experts in Birmingham recommend that take a close look at your roof in the wake of a windstorm. Even where just a few tiles are missing, they can result in water leaks into your house.

Impact on the roof

Do you have tree branches hanging above the house? A windstorm or snowstorm can lead to the breakage of some of these branches. A large tree branch falling on your house can cause extensive damage on the roof as well as the membrane beneath that prevents leaks. When you notice that, it’s time to call JME emergency roof repair expert from Birmingham.

An upsurge of ice and snow

Ice has a freeze-and-thaw action that can erode the materials on your roof. You won’t like it when snow melts, sips under loose tiles and freezes again leading to an expansion. That might lead to the tiles slipping out of place and therefore lead to serious leaks.

Animals creeping onto your roof

Did you know that bats, squirrels, and rodents could break holes and nest in roofing of your home? There might have been a new or an unusual animal activity on your roof. First, check for any holes and call in an emergency roof repair expert in Birmingham.

For emergency roof repair in Birmingham, you can trust our team at JME Roofing. We are experts in all types of roof repairs.