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We design value into profit by developing solutions to your problems!

When it comes to pitched roofing we offer a wide choice of services from full roof replacements to small leak repairs.

Our roofing specialists can work with you to choose slate and tile roofing in a variety of colours and materials. We help you decide what will look and function best with your property.

From clay/concrete tiles to natural slates and also the best quality man-made slates – we are trained and knowledgeable in all aspects.

We also carry out repair work and restoration to roofs that are listed for heritage purposes and will go out of our way to source the same roofing materials from reclamation centres to maintain the original character.

We offer a 25 year guarantee on all new pitched roofs.

Working with unlicensed Bromsgrove roofing contractors can spell doom for you and your building? Yet there are a number of people who wouldn’t hesitate to hire just any roofer in Bromsgrove simply because they will get a cheap price. Such people risk working with unlicensed roofers in Bromsgrove.

But why should you try everything to take financial shortcuts when you understand the risks involved? Watch out for the following issues of concern:

Lack of training

The first issue of concern when you meet an unlicensed Bromsgrove roofing contractor is the qualifications they have. One of the reasons why they cannot secure the proper licenses is lack of training, knowledge, and expertise. Working with such a contractor would only mean you are entrusting the work to someone who is going to give you inferior work. To avoid the expensive repairs that result from poor workmanship, it is better to work with a licensed roofing service providers in Bromsgrove such as JME Roofing Specialists.

Lack of certification

Licensed roofers in Bromsgrove work with manufacturers of roofing materials. After working with the materials for a while, these contractors can be certified by the manufacturers. When you hire unlicensed roofing contractors in Bromsgrove, you will end up working with someone who doesn’t know how to install the materials they are working with. Avoid them like the plague.

Lack of insurance

It is not possible for some insurance companies to cover contractors who are unlicensed. So if a contractor is unlicensed, it is possible they may not be licensed. Working with such a roof repairs contractor in Bromsgrove can only expose you to unexpected liabilities. Not to mention poor workmanship.

JME Roofing is specialised in roofing repairs and roofer services in Bromsgrove UK. If what you are looking for are contractors, choose us for all your roofing-related work