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Fascias And Soffits Services In Bromsgrove

Is the exterior of your home starting to look a little worn and faded?

At JME Roofing we can completely remove and replace rotten wooden fascias and soffits or if it’s a case of giving your property a smarter and sharper look then we can clad the existing timber with a maintenance free upvc plastic.

When cladding or replacing your fascias and soffits with upvc, you can ensure that your home is fully protected for the long-term, as well as enhance its current appearance and value.

All the upvc materials we use are British Board of Agrement (BBA) approved and are non-warp and non-fade quality. They come in a variety of colours, finishes and moulding designs to suit all needs and will be precisely cut to fit your individual property.

Does your house need soffits and fascia? Fascias usually appear as exposed horizontal band at the end of the rafters. You will find soffits on the span under the rafter tails. So what purpose do fascia and soffits serve? One of the first reasons that JME Fascias and soffits experts in Bromsgrove will advise you to install these architectural elements is for aesthetic purposes. In fact, they make your home look complete and finished. But that’s not all. They also help protect your house by keeping off pests such as birds, bats, and squirrels. That’s besides helping you provide ventilation in your loft without showing it.

Why are fascia and soffits important?

  • According to fascias experts in Bromsgrove, installing these elements can help keep pests and tiny animals away from your home.
  • Soffits have small holes which help provide improved air circulation in your home.
  • Fascias and soffits will be installed in your Bromsgrove home to conceal ventilation in the loft.
  • You don’t have to worry about moisture damaging your home as fascia and soffits work in tandem with gutters to keep it away.
  • For a complete and smooth exterior look in your home, install fascias and soffits.

How to keep fascia and soffits performing optimally

Old age and other age-related issues can prevent your fascia and soffits working optimally. Here are things to do to ensure your fascia are always in good working condition:

JME Fascias and soffits experts in Bromsgrove recommend that you check your loft for any signs of animal nests.

Don’t try DIY methods to repair and maintain fascia and soffits, contact JME fascias and soffits experts in Bromsgrove. We will not just ensure we do a proper job but the results will last for a long time to come. Trying to install fascia and soffits is inviting disaster. You don’t want to end up as the victim of a fall-related accident.

At JME Roofing, we are experts in fascias and soffits in and around Bromsgrove. Our service is completed to the highest of standards, which is guaranteed.