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Flat Roofing And Roof Repairs In Bromsgrove

Flat roofs are perfect for garages, dormer windows and ground floor extensions to your home, as well as offices and commercial buildings.

At JME Roofing we offer a range of flat roofing options and will always advise you which system will suit your property best.

All of our flat roof systems are of the highest quality non-rip materials and our flat roofing is completely waterproof and highly resistant to UV radiation, meaning a long lasting and aesthetically pleasing new roof for your home.

All flat roofing work comes with a minimum of a 15 year guarantee (guarantees are based on the system and the base of the roof).

Do you have a house with a flat roof? Is your flat roof having problems with leakages and other issues? No need to worry! There are many options when it comes to flat roof repair services in Bromsgrove. At JME Roofing Specialists our Flat roof repair experts in Bromsgrove can point you in the right direction.

Flat Roof Replacement Options

JME flat roofing experts in Bromsgrove provide a number of options when it comes to repairing/replacing your flat roof. Here are the most popular methods:

Torch on system

JME flat roof repair experts in Bromsgrove have been using the triple ply torch on system now for over 20-years. Repairs are done by rolling the roof over the roof surface and heating with a blowtorch. As the times have moved forward, so has the quality of our materials. All torch on products now are not just bitumen alone, they are elasticated polyester membranes that deal well with movement over the years.

Rubber roof system (EPDM)

JME flat roofing experts in Bromsgrove offer a rubber roof system.

EPDM rubber roofing is a great option for a variety of commercial roofs, for a number of reasons relating to its durability, environmental prowess and ease of handling. Used in a variety of applications in modern-day construction, the material can be used for a range of buildings, but is particularly well-suited to commercial roofs due to its appearance and qualities.

GRP Fiberglass system

The GRP fiberglass system is the most superior system for flat roof replacements.

Safer Installations: GRP Roofing requires no complicated machinery or heat equipment resulting in safer installations and reduced risk of on-site accidents

Waterproof: The roof will be completely sealed as one unit with no seams.

Durability and Strength: Most fibreglass roofs have a life expectancy of 50 years once they have been installed correctly.

Flexibility: Choose from a variety of trims to suit the roof build. Materials can also be easily cut to suit the shape of the roof

Resistant to weathering: Waterproof Topcoat finish

Easy to repair and maintain: Brush or hose the completed roof to keep it clean

JME Roofing are experts in flat roofing and flat roof repairs. Contact our team on 07584030418 today for all aspects of roofing

Easy to maintain

If you have ever observed roof repair works before, you must by now know how hard it can be. If it is a gable roof, it is not easy accessing the sidings and gutters. Not so with flat roofs. In fact, professional flat roof repair companies in Bromsgrove recommend you install this type of roof. Any repairs and maintenance are very easy to handle. In fact, diagnosing problems when they arise is very easy.


It is very easy to afford the services of a flat roofing services provider in Bromsgrove. The reason for that is because you are no longer dealing with shingles and other materials used for decoration. In fact, flat roofing is affordable both during installation and repair. Because of that, you will be calling in for flat roof repairs in your Bromsgrove home very rarely.


Flat roofing is an option with a very long lifespan. Repairs can last for up to three decades. That’s because of the material flat roof repair experts in Bromsgrove employ in their work. That’s why you need to hire one as soon as you notice any signs of disrepair on your flat roof.


Have you thought about the abundance of flat space you will get with a flat roof? If you want space to work, flat roofing is an option you must consider in your Bromsgrove home. Up there, you can install all types of equipment including exhausts and AC vents. In fact, the flat surface is so symmetrical that you wouldn’t be able to resist working from there.